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How to get your dog to try on clothes?

dogs wearing clothes

Are you ready to cover your furry friend in something warm for winter or simply looking for a way to have them sporting the latest trends? If you said yes and is struggling to get started with some outfits for your pup, here are some tips to get you started. 

  1. Start early - The best way to acclimate your four legged loved one is to get them used to wearing outfits early on. Not only will they begin to feel comfortable in clothes, they will expect it. If, however, you are starting later on, fear not! Your adult pup can still learn to wear outfits, it will just take some time.
  2. Keep it simple - Begin with something simple that fastens on the chest or belly. This type of outfit will allow you to put it on without covering their head, and possibly scaring them. Additionally, keep the outfit loose while our tail wagging friend gets used to the new feeling of clothes.
  3. Reward them - As you successfully put on the outfit, be sure to give them treats if they keep it on and stand still. Show them how good they are for accepting the change of wearing something. The more they see wearing clothes as something positive, they will enjoy getting dressed.
  4. Keep it brief - Start with a minute or two and work  up to longer times. At first they won’t move much with clothes on and over time they will become more comfortable.
  5. Make it fun - Remember why you’re covering your furry friend. If you chose to give them a sweater to stay warm, take them out for walks. If you’re sporting the fall look, take some pictures. Whatever your reason, make sure you’re both having fun. 

These simple tips will expand your travel options and raise your tail wagging status.


📷 images: pawsture